Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13, 2010 joycepsouth

Well, we have been home almost a week now.  We have had some ups and downs just lots of things to get use to.  We have all learned how to hook and unhook mom’s IV line for her nutrition.  All seems to be going well.  She was not feeling well at all on Friday.  When the home health nurse came, she decided there was some infection beginning in her incision. She called the dr. and we started some oral antibiotics. The hospital was changing her dressing once a day, but orders for home health was to change two times a week.  Home health showed us how, and we are now changing it daily.  Hopefully this will keep down the infection.

Mom felt much better Saturday and had a good day today.  Mary took her for a ride.  She even walked in to see Uncle Edgar for a few minutes.  She has had a really good day today.  Vera (Mom’s assistant) had to return home for her daughter’s graduation, so we have been taking turns sitting with mom since Thursday.  The kids have even been helping.  I am spending the night again tonight.

We will have a busy week as mom has two dr. appointments this week.  I hope she will get her retention buttons removed, that will make dressing her wound and replacing her ostomy much easier.  Her wound is healing nicely.  She only has two small openings about 2 cm deep.  Hopefully this will continue to heal quickly.

We have had a sad weekend as our pastor who we dearly love, is bidding us farewell.  He has finished his education and is now ready for a full-time appointment, so they will be moving.  We are all sad, but wishing them the best.  Hope everyone has a great week.

Love to all-



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