Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 8, 2010 joycepsouth

Spent the day with mom – met with social worker, worked with wound nurse. Saw doctors.  Hemoglobin low, decided to give a unit of blood.  She was very weak, ate good, stayed in the bed most of the day and slept.  I am sure she needed it.

Found out for sure she is not a candidate for any rehab facility anywhere in our area except for nursing home facilities.  We did not consider this option with her open wound.  Not sure the facilities here are qualified to assess wounds, nor are they staffed enough to really get lots of time with her to help her get back to herself.  Our other concern is her nutrition.  She needs lots of nutritional foods on a small and frequent scale.

Fortunately, we have found a lady to come and live with her for a couple of weeks.  It is a lady that has worked for a friend of ours until she died.  She lived with her 24/7 and care for her in her last stages of dementia.   Her family was extremely please.  We feel it was a God thing.  The sister who cared for this lady happens to be Mary’s mother-in-law.  Vera called on Wednesday to tell ask Mary’s mother=in-law if she knew anyone that needed a sitter, she had not had any calls recently.  Everything else fell in place.  We called, she has agreed.  She is coming to the hospital on Sunday to get aquainted with mom.  Then will meet me there on Monday morning to get our final training.  She, home health care givers, and I will be trained to care for mom’s incision and ostomy.  We are so thankful.  She will stay with mom 24/7 to begin with and we will see how things go.  We are so thankful to find someone we are confident with and know so closely to care for mom while we finish out the school year.


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