First Surgery – April 8

April 22, 2010 joycepsouth

Mom was scheduled for surgery on April 8th after meeting with the surgeon on Monday.  He had received the pathology report and the mass was determined cancerous.  Surgery was on schedule on Thursday- but it lasted twice as long as planned and was not able to be done laproscopicly.  She had a tremendous amount of scar tissue from her past surgeries.  Dr. said that for two hours he did nothing but fish through the scar tissue to find the problem area.  Was very pleased in that he was able to remove the malignancy without any complications.  The malignancy had grown through the colon and had attached itself to the abdominal wall.  Had been able to get good margins however by removing part of her abdominal wall.  Came to the room after a period in recovery.  Did very well.  I spent the night with her and she was ready to try to get up as soon as possible.  At midnight we were sitting on the side of the bed  Then she rested very well the rest of the night.  I stayed with her until lunch and she got up the next morning and sat in the chair for a short time.  She did well Saturday and we walked down the hall a good piece.   Then…. things began to change —-


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